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Providing Everything You Need

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ACIMA Apply_edited_edited.jpg


  Acima Leasing makes it possible.*


  • Instant Shopping Power

   Acima will purchase products up to your lease line amount for lease to you.

  • Thousands of Choices

   Use some or all of your lease line for merchandise at thousands of retailers.

  • The No Credit Option*

  Get the things you want without using credit you may have or increasing your debt.

  • Easy Payment Options

  Make flexible payments that are conveniently scheduled with your payday.

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The choice is clear

Late fees? Hidden charges? Unseen fine print? No thanks! We'll leave those credit card companies. At Affirm, we like to keep it real-and that means no fees, no gotchas, and no regrets.

Pay at your own pace

When you buy with Affirm, you always know exactly what you'll owe and when you'll be done paying. There are no hidden fees-not even late fees.

Coming soon..

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Ever since making ACIMA and Affirm available to users worldwide, CyberTecLLC has worked towards its long withstanding mission to make each of our lives simple, efficient, and stress-free. We want to live in a world where chasing your dreams and saving money is seamlessly intertwined, bringing together a unique experience, and strive to reach goals every day — working harder to be at the pinnacle of the IT industry. With our wide range of easy-to-use features, you’ll feel your life improve right away. Yes, we’re serious.

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